Alibaba to create intelligent logistics network

June 3 from Alibaba learned persons, in order to build big logistics platform, rookie network has recently signed with 13 domestic express transportation enterprise framework for further trade cooperation, cooperation related to cloud computing, information product, information security, and other aspects.

the 13 companies, including China post, EMS, Shun Feng, Shanghai, tact, charm, and zhongtong, zjs, BES Wui pass, daily, Quan Feng, high speed, fast, and so on.

under the agreement, rookie network have teamed up to these partners further opened their data combined to build the first domestic logistics data sharing platform. The platform can be realized in the future express market analysis, quality service, customer, data mining prediction functions.

"China is in a period of rapid growth in demand for Express, but local courier company's modernization, standardization, data still needs to be improved. "Rookie Tong Wenhong, Chief Operating Officer, said the network, the development of the Internet are moving from the era of IT to DT era, information and data will become an important force in promoting the development of industry.

on May 28 last year, Alibaba, as the major shareholder, joint INtime, Fuxing, Shun Feng and Fu Chun group, the "three links up to a" enterprise was established in Shenzhen, such as rookie network technology co., Ltd.

starting from this year, rookie network Skynet (data), the net (Logistics Center), network (kiosks, since some) exerting force with three networks at the same time. Economic Observer reporter also learned that rookie is also committed to its data through fully with the Department in e-commerce business.

"the rookie's greatest value lies in summary form of the network set up information and data flows, such as by analyzing the data, can know what is the demand in its major markets in different regions. "The economic observer online press that one industry insider, after docking with Ali merchant Rookie of the future will be more imagination.

public information, up to now, the rookie has branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Jinhua and other cities had tens of thousands of acres of land to establish warehousing.

according to Ma's plan, the rookie will invest 300 billion yuan was proposed in the 9 key cities across the country to establish a central warehouse, and establishment of interim positions in more than 20 cities, through 5-8 years building a nationwide smart logistics network, a 24-hour delivery.


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