By the year 2020 to establish modern logistics service system

     Premier Li keqiang chaired a State Council Executive Meeting June 11 to discuss the adoption of the medium-and long-term planning of the development of the logistics industry

objectives clear: to enhance the "four modernizations" level, some segments of logistics have been identified as key projects.

meeting defined the logistics industry as a basis for complex services and strategic position. Determining the agricultural product logistics, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management, logistics 12 key projects of renewable resources, by 2020, the establishment of modern logistics service system, promote standardization of logistics, information, intelligence and intensive level. Logistics and the high degree of convergence of the industries in the current economic environment, and penetration to the industrial chain, agricultural product logistics, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management industry has entered the Government view, therefore these related positive is expected to further the implementation of future policies in the field of logistics.

highlight an important part of building a modern logistics system. In line with the principle of combination of unblocking, the meeting highlighted the focus of strengthening the construction of a modern logistics system, summarized as "three": one should make efforts to reduce logistics cost; second, we will promote large-scale logistics enterprises; third, improving logistics infrastructure, improving the transportation network. "Three to" logistics field has long chronic illness, and against policy, as rectification, arbitrary charges, fines and further improve transportation network helps to create a good environment for the development of the logistics industry. In addition, the Conference promotes the logistics enterprise-scale. Is expected to support mergers and reorganizations, as well as land, investment, financing, taxation and other support policies will be further intensified, to industry leading enterprises bigger and stronger.


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