CHENZHOU city will improve the planning and layout of modern logistics industry development

at present, Chenzhou Government officially issued documents to speed up its development of modern logistics industry, by 2020, Chenzhou city, build a modern logistics industry-led industries and the pillars of modern service industry, connecting Xiangtan and Chenzhou into the Pearl River Delta economic circle, radiant logistics central city in Hunan, Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces.

Chenzhou City developed out modern logistics industry development of five big target: logistics industry scale total fast expansion, city logistics industry increased value annual growth keep in 13% above, logistics industry increased value accounted for city services increased value of proportion up 25%; integrated logistics cost continued reduced, city social logistics total costs accounted for City area production total proportion Xia down to 16%; focus logistics enterprise foster made obviously progress, strive to city 5 a, level logistics enterprise 3 home, 4 a, level logistics Enterprise 5 home, 3 a, level logistics Enterprise 10 home above; logistics information level significantly upgrade, logistics public information system basic established, preliminary formed cover national of logistics information linkage network, 60% above logistics enterprise has integrated management information system, 100% of transport vehicles equipped with satellite navigation system; logistics market management specification ordered, 50% above of logistics enterprise agglomeration Yu city level logistics park and professional logistics center, unified open, and fair competition, and specification ordered of logistics market system basic built.

according to file requirements, Chenzhou city will perfect modern logistics industry development planning layout, speed up developed Chenzhou city logistics industry medium-and long-term development planning (2014-2030), vigorously development modern logistics park, to perfect logistics park based facilities, formed a led role strong, and radiation range wide of logistics professional Park, city level will established 3 to 5 a integrated logistics park, each county urban construction development 1 to 3 a professional logistics center, build a province has influence, and First class logistics park. Meanwhile, according to the product category and characteristics of etiquette, and category gathered, planning and construction of a good, comprehensive and professional logistics park, I. Explore "garden park" model, relying on the city's provincial parks, supporting the construction of logistics parks in the Park. The Shonan international logistics park as the core, speed up the iron sea transport, road construction professional logistics platform in Hong Kong, focusing on planning and construction of road crossings, integrated distribution center and major trading center.


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