China logistics real estate are in development

in fact, the third party logistics in e-commerce has developed rapidly in recent years and growth factors such as demand-led, high standard storage property leasing and custom continued strong demand, China logistics real estate market continues to hold up well.

CB Richard Ellis global research department head Chen Zhongwei, China said: "Although individual port city for foreign trade short rent decline in contraction, but the overall high quality and storage property of the national average rents have risen for 18 consecutive quarters. High return on logistics real estate and development prospects, are increasingly becoming China's investment in the property market. "

according to iResearch study forecasts by 2017 will reach 4.1 trillion yuan in retail sales network in China. Largest industrial real estate developer Prologis market research shows that Europe's leading e-commerce development in the three countries (United Kingdom, and Germany, and France), e-commerce sales during 2008-2012 each additional 1 million euros, bring 72000 square metres of additional storage needs.

for logistics real estate of industry development trend, world CB Richard Ellis official is expected to future will rendering three big trend: future high standards warehouse of scale rental strategy will increasingly became mainstream, professional logistics developers of extension points layout will and e-commerce of development trend more close linkage, while through and large within funding development or logistics enterprise and the electric business enterprise of strategy cooperation achieved fast cloth points or became its future way.


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