Competition and cooperation cross-border logistics and electrical contractor melee

  This is a business and logistics of cross-border fighting. Each side holds has advantages, each of which has its own mountain along the way, looking forward to following the success of their respective visions. Electric business of advantage is free orders volume, for itself of logistics needs and expand out of logistics sector positioning clear; difficulties is logistics burn money, electric business since built logistics will pulled high enterprise of business cost, and deviated from core business, distribution efficiency low, if distribution range not wide, also will weakened enterprise competitiveness; vision is spread wide himself of business range, led itself of service quality upgrade, for user provides authentic guarantee, and reasonable match user of received goods time, big real plate, compression logistics cost, and master link information, Strengthening process control and enhance brand value.

logistics enterprise of advantage is channel and dot, and years experience accumulated has huge customer reserves, master distribution initiative, can has faster or more personalized of service; difficulties is has has electric business has formed brand effect, electric business access threshold in improve, electric business retail formed scale Hou will and himself of electric business customer formed competition relationship, on products and supply chain of continued sex and depth and the user service and maintenance capacity level of grasp; vision is promote business diversified development, is near upstream Enterprise, Become a dark horse in the broader e-commerce market.

mutual access to each other's territory, building their own ecosystem, easier movement of internal resources. However, the first common problem is the lack of corresponding areas of philosophy, experience and talent, blind melee would affect the overall healthy development of the two.


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