"Distribution Kings" have a day of logistics network

site has started trial operation in April 2014, Japan domestic brands carry the latest product information, price 5000-8000 Yen products is a website selling products. Purchase goods over the Internet in the case of a stock short three days can be delivered into the hands of consumers.

customer method of payment you can choose PayPal (ALIPAY) and credit cards and other means. "Distribution Kings" will take charge, and 25% online sales will be charged as fees. Website in addition to selected apparel and accessories mix recommendations, also carried out the planning of cooperation with well-known models. Target customer base is Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities population.

website opened online shop has now raised to 40 companies in 2014, the year will be increased to 100. Shop business pay monthly 4320 yen (about 263) fee. Translated description product price for each Word 5 Japanese yen (about 0.3 Yuan). If you set up shop on the site, the store sold 50 kinds of products, average monthly fee is 10,000 yen (about 609).

"distribution Kings" was founded in 1998, has a day of logistics network. To provide logistics services of high quality, low price. Compared with the large logistics companies, circulation of transport costs only half of the King. Companies with annual sales of around 4 billion yen.

in the field of online shopping, "distribution Kings" have been carried out with Japan domestic publishing agent cooperation, shipments to China Japan's comics and women's fashion magazines. This initiative is to use available resources, open up clothing sales online shopping needs. "Distribution Kings" by analyzing consumption behavior of site visitors helps enterprises to open a shop selling, promoting the development of apparel online shopping business.


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