Hunan logistics headquarters was officially put into operation

In the Hunan provincial Institute of logistics work Conference held here this morning said Hunan first property--Hunan Logistics Park logistics headquarters was officially put into operation.

logistics headquarters base in Hunan province near Wuhan-Guangzhou, Shanghai-Kunming rail, high iron core in the new town area. Bases with a total investment of over 1 billion yuan, covers an area of 800 hectares, including one covering 267 acres, has been test run for half a year, the second phase covers an area of 270 acres, three periods to develop the remaining area. According to the head of the Al-Qaida g introduced the special-grade, in accordance with the relevant departments of the Government, after the operational projects that require a period, the second phase development can be reported to the relevant Department, at present, the application formalities are in the process.

Hunan rail logistics headquarters is located in new town, g special-grade introduces, at present the relevant departments and related businesses are working with railway departments to prepare a feasibility study, night hauling cargo.

statistics, China is one of the largest trading nation in the world. On February 25, 2009, the logistics industry was identified as "top ten industry planning" one. Logistics has become the automobile, iron and steel, textiles, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronics and information, light industry, petrochemical industry, such as an engine for development. BACK

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