Indeed Western logistics system construction is the important national strategy

logistics system construction in Western China as an important strategic, effective integration of internal and external resources, as well as combining and effectively in the domestic market, and for the economic development in Western China into an infinite vitality. In the course of construction, Chengdu regional advantages, especially with opening of Yung-European express railway was vividly Chengdu regional advantage to show, while Chengdu itself will be on "transport comes first" as its own development and plays an important role in the Western logistics system's basic strategy. It is easy to see, caught on "transport comes first", also took the key Western logistics system construction, destined to bring Western logistics development days in advance.

core elements of transportation logistics can be integrated. In the modern logistics system, whether it is the development of e-commerce or information quickly, and will eventually be in place on the traffic is convenient. Especially for the construction of logistics system in the West, as the core city, Chengdu city, "transport comes first" policy analysis and implementation, this very valuable. Because it is the core element of the logistics integration, information, transportation, supplies, apart from transport, the rest can be taken into account. Land transport to continental Europe through China, Rong-European express railway's opening is a role model, is a more realistic strategy is especially important in the construction of logistics system in the West.

in addition, the economic development along the traffic destined to drive traffic. After the European express railway opened in Chengdu, along the whole of each city, each country can be said to have access to benefits. A railway line is an economic belt, such remarks were not exaggerated. Imagine, with Yung Europe fast iron of opened, its along of each city are can because this article line and get development of opportunity, local material resources of foreign passed, local economic information of transmission, are can through railway of through into reality, especially worth a mention of is, due to China West area than East Central to overall behind, and such of railway built, undoubtedly on can led West overall economic of development and off. Transportation strategy is wise, it is grounded.

Finally, the traffic can accurately use "two" and "two". Logistics system construction in the West really is in order to effectively take advantage of "two" and "market", transport policy can be the purpose of the first real stick. In Yung-European express railway opened, for example, so since the departure from Chengdu, all the way to the foreign land transport will become fast, and traffic in, "two sources" can achieve complementarity to achieve complementarities and the "market" to achieve effective interoperability. In such conditions, the rapid development of logistics in the West will be just around the corner.


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