Linyi optimize all aspects of the logistics industry chain

  as the country's trade and Logistics Center, optimize all aspects of the logistics industry chain in linyi city, fostering new industry, rebuild new superiority, gradually reduce the logistics cost, logistics become the new engine of transformation and upgrading of the local economy.

  in heavy traffic at linyi Logistics Park, the reporter found that many of the vehicles in the field "who want to" come here, like the car from the Jiangsu Suqian, destinations in Fujian, has shipped goods to linyi.

  salesman Pan JianMing said: "seen from the distance, like a detour, but the actual freight we can save a lot. Like a garment from our direct shipped to Fujian, how also get 30 bucks, but shipping to linyi is 5 bucks, and then shipped to Fujian from the linyi is 20 dollars, which is a bulk can save five dollars. "

  detour can save money, first of all to ensure that cars do not run empty. Suqian pull over the car clothing, is loaded in to the Fuzhou at noon on the bus. Shipping along with this truck, and Hebei shoes, Jining Taian table, sausages, large and small, more than 30 kinds of products.

 , linyi city, help friends logistics company General Manager Li Shouchun said: "this car cannot only pulled heavy of, also cannot only pulled light of, because pulled heavy of, space using insufficient; pulled light of, and didn't reached national provides of 55 tons load tons standard, so we loading of standard is, both full using space, not lost party, also have as using car of load. "

  Similarly, the Suqian to the truck and return in the afternoon, filled with goods from around the.

  Shandong linyi City Logistics Association June lifeng said: "he sometimes in his place for three days is packed in a car, we load it every day, this thing is comparable, because our goods are shipped out as soon as possible, to our customers, to achieve the objective. ”


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