May national total volume of railway freight transport complete 318.31 million tons

reporters from the Chinese railway company was informed that in May, construction of railway sector overcome the centralized heavy, frequent bad weather difficulties, vigorously carry out passenger and freight transport marketing, strengthen day-to-day transport organization, advancing the reform of transportation organization, passenger and freight transport complete the better.

data show that in May, sending national railroad passenger 199.74 million people, an increase of 20.3%, the highest monthly growth so far this year, with through passenger volume 64.25 million people, an increase of 19.1%. In May, the national rail passenger volume reached 90.043 billion kilometers, an increase of 13.3%. Full road 18 from railway company (company), passenger traffic volume showed varying degrees of growth. Among them, the 46.8% for all the highest increase in Nanning railway Bureau, Wuhan, Shanghai, Nanchang, Chengdu railway Bureau and the Guangzhou Railway (Group) company growth over 20%.

and a few months before the little holiday and weekend rail transport is an important factor driving May passenger growth. Units conscientiously implement "three" normal requirements, increase the intensity of passenger potential, high-speed rail line transportation capacity into full play, according to passenger demand to increase the capacity to meet passenger demand, achieving increased passenger transportation income. In particular the 51 during May Day holiday, the national railway day send visitors 9.247 million people, led to the May surge in passenger. On May 1, the national rail passenger traffic volume reached 10.653 million, surpassing 10.327 million people records set on October 1 last year, become the railway passenger traffic volume in a single day record. 51, all nearly 20 high-speed trains and passenger volume record.

   in May, affected by the macro-economic impact, total road freight transport situation is still severe, supply remains in the doldrums, with daily order essentially flat with April. In this regard, in accordance with corporate requirements, each railway company (companies) and the opening up of loading limits, adjustments to goods vehicles and retention vehicle abatement as the starting point, strengthened traffic organization and empty car distribution, efforts to ensure the effective supply of loading in cash. National Railroad day completed loading 158332 car, than in April increased by almost 3000 vehicles, realize cargo load to rebound. Ore, grain, containers and other scattered "white goods" load rose significantly, part of bulk goods such as coal, iron and steel loading chain also has a modest increase.

data show that in May, the total volume of railway freight transport complete 318.31 million tons, of which 318.17 million tons of cargo volume to complete; completed cargo turnover 227.289 billion ton/km, completed turnover 227.055 billion ton/km. Da-Qin line capacity is restored, full month totaled 40.607 million tons, an increase of 7.4%. Houma-yueshan line volume complete 15.353 million tons, an increase of 3.7%.


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