Rail freight unable to fully implement market-oriented operation

in recent days, rail freight has been filled with discussion on the network are not reasonable articles. Most eye-catching is the phrase--"the Ministry does not exist, why it is the year in which the freight charges of double standards, but also in the implementation? "

according to reports that railway rate is not charged, but in accordance with the national rules of the railway freight charges. The railway Ministry issued in 2005, the railway freight transport rules, which provides that "carload freight billing records weight, when little more than tag loads the goods, charging by the weight of the goods. "The owner said it as" double standards "is obviously" shop tricks ".

at first glance such a provision, the author as a lawyer also complained, what my 50 tons of cargo, will pay 60 tons of freight. Author contact Northern Jiaotong University transportation professional friends, the friend said, there is reasonable, with the railway's social functions, to the kind of transport-related.

the friend said, railways as the country's main artery and its transport by a certain degree of social and public welfare. These levels determine the relative limitations of transport organization, this part of the limitations embodied in the railway first national goods transport tasks to be completed, did time in bulk cargo transport market fully to competition. In recent years, with high-speed rail network, part of the existing railway transport capacity has been released, itself the progressive exploration of market-oriented operation model. However, the release does not mean capacity capacity for satisfaction. Contemporary society is developing rapidly, social workers, agriculture and the tertiary industry has developed rapidly, release of railway section capacity is still insufficient to meet the overall demand for railway transport capacity. In this case, unable to fully implement market-oriented operation of the railway, before the new system has not been established, it is imperative to continue with the existing accounting standards.


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