Signed a multinational logistics in China, Lao-Thai cooperation agreement

  logistics enterprise in China, Lao-Thai at the 7th meeting of the greater Mekong subregional logistics enterprise on the second meeting of the cooperation Committee signed a multinational logistics partnership agreement.

greater Mekong subregional logistics enterprise cooperation Committee at its second meeting by the greater Mekong sub-region (GMS) Business Council and co-sponsored by the Department of Commerce of Yunnan province and GMS logistics enterprise cooperation Committee in association with the theme of the meeting is "GMS cooperation in logistics industry and new opportunities", logistics enterprise representatives from concerned parties of more than 70 people attended the meeting.

at the meeting, Cosco logistics, Ltd and Thailand K.N.R Logistics Group, the LFF in Laos logistics company "Sino-Lao-Thai international logistics cooperation" signed a framework agreement. According to agreement agreed, signed parties should play itself advantage, tie other signed party common build Kun Mann Highway transnational logistics service, for States Enterprise provides quality of logistics service; in across border transport in the, different national of enterprise can according to itself of advantage bear different of transport task, makes overall capacity to balanced configuration, easy common undertake major transport project and logistics service project; three party commitment in its procurement the logistics service Shi, equal conditions Xia priority select signed Enterprise as its main logistics service cooperation party Involving all parties all of the information is commercially confidential, parties are not allowed to third parties to disclose any conflict of interest; their marketing plans, operational programmes are managed by the respective copyright and shall not be used alone when the cooperation was reached.

according to the briefing, Cosco logistics, Ltd has a wealth of international experience and a large number of high-quality professional talent, successfully provides comprehensive logistics services for dozens of international projects, its service scope to cover all aspects of supply chain management and logistics. K.N.R Logistics Group is Thailand's largest engineering transportation enterprises, are Thailand, President of the Union of land transport unit. LFF is Laos's largest international freight forwarding company, has many years of experience in international transport of goods.


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