State policies that support the logistics industry

State policies that support the logistics industry, the logistics industry which will be good for? After the logistics development prospects?

   1, forget to say, there are three major sectors most promising, one industry, one is the car industry, the third you guessed--you say the logistics. Concept of logistics, logistics is closely related to us, of course we work only "small logistics", actually involved in several areas of the big group thing, if determined to be involved, I think you can find its place.

    2, and I also not is clear "Ning do tail not do lion" this sentence words suitable not for big enterprise and small enterprise of Zhijian of pros and cons compared, if just find work, big enterprise scale grand, job ordered, process, and provides detailed and severe, for has experience of exhibition skill, but big enterprise to came in of people has set good has a circle, cannot more line a step, small enterprise just instead of explained, freedom high, can learn sex strong, for just out work of people You think about job change means the accumulation of experience, compared to the treatment, the accumulation of experience is your true wealth! Oh, but my understanding is the accumulation of experience often the accumulation of lessons learned, and lessons accumulated many people mature.


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