Tax policy and other aspects of logistics enterprise "relaxed"

   the development of the logistics industry is referred to a considerable height. Central to improve overall economic efficiency and benefit considerations in terms of development of the industry, the logistics industry is concerned, there is really very good news.

through the Executive meeting of the State Council, in the development of the logistics industry is concerned, is the most prominent information will continue to "burden". Conference stressed the current build modern logistics system to focus, one of which is to reduce logistics costs. In addition, in the future planning of the logistics industry, through decentralization, tax policy will also focus on the aspects of logistics enterprise "relaxed". The Center made it clear to accelerate to resolve outstanding "cutthroat".

through this information, you can come to the conclusion that: from 2020 to establish modern logistics system and enhance the standardization of logistics, information, intelligence, and based on the intensive level of target, the logistics industry development pressure in direct cost and indirect cost has been reduced. A group of wealthy market viable companies would get a better development environment and opportunity.

logistics is the integration of the transport, warehousing, freight forwarding industry and the information industry, such as the composite of services industries, wide realm, more employment, promoting production and boosting consumption. In recent years, increasingly highlight the importance of this industry in the national economy. As electronic commerce continues to work to expand, which further requires the development of logistics industry in new. At the strategic level, to promote the readjustment of the industrial structure, transform the mode of economic development and enhance the competitiveness of the national economy, need to enter a new stage of integration and development of the logistics industry.

in contrast, logistics development level incompatible with their position in the national economy. Industry-wide, "small, scattered, poor," the situation has not fundamentally changed, and poor operational efficiency as a whole. This relationship with the logistics industry development stage, with the external environment also closely related to the restriction of the development of the industry. Problems in the external environment, a very important point, that is characterized by high costs for the development of the logistics industry. If cost issues to be addressed, the so-called development vision could ring hollow.

road charges, is a malformation of profound impact on logistics industry costs. Crossing many serious high logistics costs. Governing Highway "three chaos", takes this ease logistics burdens have become consensus. It is regrettable that this has remained a mess after another. The Executive meeting of the State Council said, to clean up fees, fines and other "yanguobamao", pointing to very specific. Logistics enterprises only pay a reasonable, will avoid being forced "illegal" general situation of overloading. It can be said that the road of "three disorder" does not, inter alia, development of the logistics industry is impossible to have a flat road.

for the logistics industry, "small, scattered, and inferior" status of the Executive meeting of the State Council to promote the logistics enterprise scale. At the policy level, the future will promote decentralization and support mergers, land, investment, financing, taxation and other policies. As can be seen, the logistics industry will be "burden". Previously, the policy level have tried, such as reducing taxes, lowering the cost of crossing the bridge of the logistics industry, but the tax cut is still a lot of space.

on the new Government decentralization reforms, has been drastic. Institutional effects of such reforms will be far-reaching, in the economic sphere, will affect all walks of life. From a logistics point of view, promoting decentralization, also helps to stimulate the vitality of the market of logistics enterprise. Enterprise dynamic Chinese economy will have in the future. Support policies such as land, investment, financing, taxation, and also direct benefit in reducing logistics costs.


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