The rapid development of Handan iron and steel, total railway transport volume of the yearly increase

on May 21, the modern logistics news reporters learned from the Hebei iron and steel group, Handan iron and steel Department of transportation, the first four months of the year, Department of Transportation locomotive punctuality rate reaches above 99%; reducing vehicle delay charge last year of more than 2 million Yuan, several economic and technical indicators to achieve new breakthroughs.

in April, when parked up to 14.85 hours, 0.15 hour lower than company targets, a record level; 24 hours guaranteed unimpeded, do 100% unconditional departure.

it is understood that the car indicators are the most important rail centers index, also reflects an important centre for rail transport capacity indicators, effective control of the car when, to save on shipping costs, to improve transport efficiency, plays an important role.

in recent years, with the rapid development of Handan iron and steel, total railway transport volume increased year by year, Council greater pressure when parked. "Pressure is power, relying on lean management, our optimization logistics solutions from safety, science, strict focus on fine, all aspects of practice, when the goal is to continue to reduce parking. "Hangang Transportation Minister Li mingzhu told the newspaper of modern logistics, lean management" under "an unprecedented for the Department's work to upgrade.

columns and efficient operation of the locomotive, like all flying "Queuing". According to reports, the Handan iron and steel Department of transportation responsible for company-wide fuel into the plant, finished in outsourcing and molten iron, molten steel to provide railway transport, accounting for over 75% of company-wide transportation. In order to improve the efficiency of logistics, the Department adheres to "start as the Center, focused on loading, adjustment as the main line," principles of organization of production, metallurgy, striving to be the first of the transportation industry.



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