Third-party logistics to help China cope with the many logistical challenges

reports that during the period from 2004 to 2012, growth of China's trade value of us $ 1.9635 trillion, of which 35% are connected by a developed shipping containers to achieve. Promote trade growth in container shipping connectivity, 11% from Maersk shipping business contribution.

liner shipping connectivity refers to a route network, to specify the cost, through the appropriate service within the stipulated time will be the ability to transport goods from one place to another place, its by the fierce competition between liner companies, economies of scale, frequent and reliable connections and efficient ports and other factors.

liner shipping connectivity upgrade to reduce the costs of trade, to promote trade growth plays an important role. Report shows that liner shipping connectivity up to 10% China's falling trade costs 3%, while China's imports of manufactured goods increased by 6%, exports increased to 9%.

Maersk Group sustainable development strategy and risk management Chief Adviser yuehan·kangnuopu·bang said: "China's container shipping connections already far ahead in the world, the study also illustrates the efficient transport and logistics solutions for key role in trade development. We hope that the Maersk Group was able to continue the logistics challenges into growth opportunities in China, so as to further strengthen China's competitiveness and achieving sustainable development. "

Although good container shipping connections to China's competitiveness has improved, but high inland logistics cost remains a barrier to growth. High logistics costs more than most Chinese enterprises caught, business development and global competitiveness are tied. Logistics is one of the reasons for the high cost the industry was too fragmented and lack of unified management. Of one's own lack of logistics management company, in the national transport of goods is quite slow, and the goods turnover between the needs in a large number of suppliers, difficult to track cargo, also increase the risk of theft, breakage, wastage.

reported by case study proved that third-party logistics to help China cope with the many logistical challenges and enhance their competitiveness. Studies show that, from 2007 to 2012, China's logistics performance improvement of 6%, which makes the cost of China's trade was 19%. During this period, China's total exports of manufactured goods grew to $ 789 billion, of which 27% from logistics performance improvement. Logistics industry there is great potential in China, Maersk Logistics company owned DAMCO logistics management by virtue of its capacity and global coverage, doing business in China can help companies reduce logistics costs by 15%.

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