Total business logistics index dropped

    May the logistics industry climate index (LPI) in each index, the new orders index, capacity utilization index, index of average inventory and logistics services price indices in China, operating profit index, index, there were different levels of business activity index is expected to fall; inventory turnover index, the turnover indices and indices of total investment in fixed assets rose; the main business cost index flat last month.

China logistics information center Deputy Director He Hui that May, under the influence of seasonal factors such as rainy season comes, the logistics business index fell, but still remained at 55% high, showing high to stabilize the development of the logistics industry.

by sector, transport logistics companies fall, warehouse logistics business has rebounded, means that the current economic rebound is still in the process of production and transmission of end consumer end. Transport logistics enterprises, subject to seasonal factors such as provincial and municipal storm floods in the South, the road transport industry fell more.

he said, from the later trend, new orders index falling 1.7%, 53.7%; business activity expectations index fell 4.3% to 57.4%. Two indices fell, but were kept at a high level, suggesting later basic trend of China's logistics is expected to keep it running smoothly.


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