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Logistics knowledge
Logistics knowledge
First, which of these elements in the transmission process?
1. misunderstood tolerance in the credit terms, amount and quantity of the resulting document errors.
2. Bill harmonious drawee typed wrong, especially to differentiate reimbursing and paying bank.
3. appears in the invoice recipient, such as name, address, does not meet.
4. invoices, insurance documents and other relevant documents will be an inconsistent state requirements.
5. at the time of invoicing control description inconsistent with the letter of credit.
6. certification document type single does not meet the credit requirements.
7. product number, name, description, and other inconsistencies between the documents.
8. document No display card or goods shortage.
9. when the relevant sign alone, missing or seal are not eligible.
10. bad batches in a bill of lading issued by the destination error.
b, dangerous goods declaration of the attention?
1. dangerous goods prior to export, providing dangerous goods to the forwarder instructions (must be included in the dangerous goods description in Chinese and English, level of dangerous goods, dangerous goods page number, UN number), by forwarding to the Customs asks whether ports accept such dangerous goods.
2. If port receives the types of dangerous goods which can begin to arrange booking.
3. set class zhiqian, our must fill in a copies immigration test quarantine reported check units registration application table and the packaging identification application table, if company has in port where of immigration test quarantine Council registered on without fill in immigration test quarantine reported check units registration application table, but needed in packaging identification application table Shang cover our seal, will two copies file handed factory, by factory to local inspection Council proposed application, handle shipping export dangerous goods of packaging identification.
4. when booking, in addition to the normal documents, must provide the following documents: English instruction in the dangerous goods (copy), sea export of dangerous goods packaging and identification results, sea export of dangerous goods packaging performance qualification results (carton) Note: sometimes you need to provide proof of boxing.
5. when booking, if different classes of dangerous goods, dangerous goods booking must be all kinds of different hazard characteristics shall be handled separately booking the ship in order to ship according to different characteristics of the dangerous goods in accordance with the international maritime dangerous goods stowed isolation requests fall transport, in the interest of safety.

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